Your AI wellness pal, supporting accessible mental care

Hi I'm Nyla, your pal in wellbeing. I'm here to provide a safe space for sharing your thoughts and feelings.

Disclaimer: The AI-powered wellbeing pal is not a substitute for professional help.

AI Support

Utilize an AI-powered mental wellbeing pal with evidence-based therapeutic approaches.

Personalized Recommendations

Get tailored recommendations based on your needs.

Accessibility & Convenience

Access mental wellness support anytime, anywhere, using your preferred devices.

Anonymity & Reduced Stigma

Ensure privacy and provide support for individuals seeking mental wellbeing assistance.

How It Works

  1. Engage in Chat: Begin by sharing your thoughts and feelings in the web app.
  2. Receive AI-Powered Support: NYLA utilizes advanced AI algorithms to provide empathetic and personalized responses. It offers guidance and recommendations based on evidence-based therapeutic approaches.
  3. Rate and Improve: After each interaction, you have the option to rate NYLA's assistance. Your feedback helps enhance the AI model and ensures better support for future users.

Contact and Support

For any assistance, feedback, or to report issues, please reach out to us using the contact information below: